Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two words

The first: kettlebells

The second: OUCH!

I've seen the infomercials, I've read all the online articles. I need something to change up the routine AND focus on core strength (not to mention get these t-rex arms in shape -- haven't I always been searching for something to get my t-rex arms in shape?). So, I was at Academy getting TDP DinoBoy his 4th pair of shoes for the school year and they had a Danskin kettlebell. 10 pounds. Not as big as the authentic ruskie ones, but a start. I tried is Sunday morning while all the boys in the house were still snoozing and thought, hmm, that was fun. Different for sure. And then sometime between getting off the airplane yesterday and arriving on site (about 25 hours after the workout), the soreness hit all at once. All over my body. It was harder to walk yesterday than it was the day after Cowtown. So it did something. Just not sure what yet!

I brought the kettlebell on the trip this week, the idea being that I'll do that in the mornings and run in the evenings. I didn't work out yesterday (see note above about soreness, plus one of the team members is going away for three weeks so we had to send her off in style with dinner out) but I just hit the second of the three workouts this morning. And yeah, something is going on there. Followed it up this morning with the tests for the 200 situps thing and the 100 pushups thing. They've improved their site tremendously since I was last on there, and now have a tracker online. sweet. Nothing an OCD exercise buff like me loves more than a way to track my activity. So, we'll see if these two six-week programs 1) stick this time around -- I tend to think so -- when I feel myself wavering, I will just remind myself of miles 17 to 24 of Cowtown; and 2) help with the performance at OKC.

Gotta run -- breakfast with the team in half an hour. In the dark. and SNOW! It snowed in Denver last night -- WTF?? I had my a/c on this morning, for jiminy's sake! Ah, to be in Texas again -- two more days to go and I'm home again.

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Diane said...

Love Kettle bells!!! And if you get a black one they resemble Mickey Mouse at a distance ... LOL

Don't forget to use your legs and not your back though..... it's all about the legs doin' the work!