Saturday, November 01, 2008

6 mile training run

We had another training group run this morning; today we went half a mile past our turnaround point last week for a total of 6. We went out a little bit faster than 11:00 pace -- in fact, we caught up to the 10-minute group at the first water stop! But it was fine, and we slowed down on the return. We had to go up that killer hill again, and it was tough going, just like last week. But I was able to power up a little further today that I did last time, and I'm thinking by the end of November I'll have that thing conquered. Especially if I keep training mid-week at altitude (and really especially if I can find some hills at altitude!). Afterward, we had a guest speaker at the running store talk to us about injuries, inflammation, bulging discs, etc., so it was a good presentation and a GREAT way to start the weekend.

Hub just took off to take Elder Child to his hockey game and then they're off to try to find some white-tail (good luck -- it's still too hot here for them to be moving around), so TDP DinoBoy and I have the afternoon to catch a move with some friends and hang out at home relaxing. We may have to hit the park, too, since the weather here, while still on the warm side for November, is too gorgeous to stay inside!

ADDED: Click the title link to get the elevation for the monster hill on the route. More than 150-foot rise in less than half a mile. Kill me now.

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