Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mountain Run

I really am enjoying the runs I get to go on out here. I really, really am. It's not too chilly this week, so I've gone out twice so far. Last night, I took a colleague out on a run/walk session, since she's just used to walking, but was game to speeding it up a little for a few short intervals. Tonight, I took a different direction and found a great path, but it was a little too deserted at the hour that I went, and I kinda freaked myself out since it was too far removed from anything. So I can't go that way in the evening; have to stick to the more populated paths.

This weekend I won't have a chance to post the training group run recap since we have a camping weekend with the Scouts planned. SHould be an interesting time -- notice I didn't necessarily say "fun," I said "interesting." peace out folks! enjoy the rest of the week .

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