Thursday, November 20, 2008

OK, so now it's cold!

yeah, so much for me bragging about sitting at outside patio cafes for lunch the past three days... a front finally moved into the area last night, and this morning it is a chilly 30 degrees here in Boulder. brrrr. and of course, because it is fly-away day, that means that the rain/ice mixture will hit right about the time we're supposed to leave for the airport. grrrr. Anyhow, that meant the hotel treadmill this morning, since I ended up bailing on last night's run in favor of a dinner out with a friend from the project. We found this great place that does all organic meals, and I had the most amazing wild mushroom risotto topped with grilled shrimp. I was restrained enough to save half of it for lunch today, which is great because I never have time to go out and grab lunch on Thursdays.

anyway, time to head home today. This weekend will be another flurry of activity -- I'm going to try to take the boys to the driving range tomorrow after school, then I have a 9-miler scheduled for Saturday morning. The good news is that I'm working from home Monday and Tuesday next week, so I don't have to fly anywhere (or prepare to fly anywhere). anyhow, I should pack up and get ready to check out, so talk to you later!!

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