Friday, November 07, 2008

another fast run

I only ran twice this week in Boulder, and the second run was on the hotel treadmill, because it got cold!! I walked the 200 yards from the office to the hotel and in that space of time decided to NOT try to go outside. I just didn't bring enough layers nor did I have my gloves with me. Now I know for next week to dress for January in Texas and I should be OK.

I ran the park loop again this morning -- really wanted to go longer, but since I have my 7-miler with the training group tomorrow I thought I should take it somewhat easy. I did, however, pound out a 3-miler in less than 30 minutes again, which means I'm enjoying the payoff of three and a half days at altitude. Oh yeah! And I learned that I'll be doing the weekly Boulder thing until at least mid-December, which gives me that much more time to reap the benefits. Oh, and yeah, Boulder rocks! (remind me of that when the snow actually flies, instead of just threatens like this week, and I'm crying 'cause I can't feel my face!)

Gotta blast -- gotta work for a bit here and then a con call, then pick up TDP DinoBoy from school at noon (it's a Catholic school thing -- early dismissal once a month) to go to see Madagascar 2, then the driving range. Have a GREAT Friday!

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