Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Still here, still running

so i'm in Boulder again this week, and have had a light training week so far. Since it's no longer October, I'm more focused on following the training plan Coach laid out for us and not so much worried about hitting a run every day. I think my legs are recovered for it, too. So Monday I ran two miles (the second mile with a bag containing my naked Whole Foods burrito) outside, last night was a rest day, and tonight has 3-4 miles, as does tomorrow morning before I start the day. Then on Saturday we have 7 planned, with that hill again.

So, just a quick update so you don't feel I've abandoned everything. What a night last night, huh? My brother drove in from the mountains to take me to a belated birthday dinner, so we weren't in front of the TV, but we knew who had won the minute it happened. All of a sudden, cars were honking, people on the Pearl Street Mall were whooping and hollering, and the line for free Ben & Jerry's across the street got really long! It was pretty exciting, no matter what your political bent. Gotta say it will be interesting to see how things fall out in the next few months and years.

Got a butt-early con call to get ready for here so gotta blast. Have a great Wednesday, America!

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