Saturday, May 31, 2008

2008 Half Results

So, here is the chart of my results from the Love the Half challenge I did this spring. The races are in order I completed them, from left to right. Cowtown was definitely the best performance of the spring, with the early Texas Half coming a close second. Kinda bums me out that I didn't get faster as the spring wore on, but I know the reasons for that.

Looking at the results, you can see that there was a huge jump in Austin, where I lost about eight minutes waiting for a bathroom break. What's interesting to me is that Big D and Heels and Hills were so close in time, even though Heels felt like a much tougher race. And adjusting for the 8-minute pit stop, Austin would have ended up at about 2:22, which would have been right in the middle of those last two races. Bearathon was definitely the toughest, with the hills that kept on coming through the midst of the course, although it may have been the best organized one. I am a little heartened that I improved my times from the Bearathon through the end of the spring, although I wish I could have had that trendline starting after Cowtown. But at least I am able to say that, yes, I do love the Half! And if nothing else, I have a benchmark for my performances this spring, and something to shoot for in terms of improvement for next year.

I'm doing well at keeping up with running and walking 5 times a week, for a minimum of 45 minutes a day, and then doing a long walk or run each weekend. Pretty much the only days I don't work out are travel days. I'm still doing core work, pushups and upper body weight work three times a week. I'm as conscious as ever about what I put in my mouth. But there is something still off with the equation, because I continue to put on about half a pound every couple of weeks, and it is adding up. My clothes don't fit properly and it's frustrating to continue to work so hard and still see not only no results, but actually be sliding in the wrong direction. When I was at the gym today, I made an appointment with the trainer to finish up the last of my sessions that I put on hold back in the winter, and I have to continue tracking the calories in as well as the calories burned on the bodybugg. I need more guidance and I need something to help me carry through with all the pieces.

Well, I didn't mean to run on for this long. I need to be up fairly early for a 10-miler tomorrow and I still need to take a shower after tennis this evening. I have a TON of photos to upload into flickr and link here, and a ton of updates about the house, but for now, I'll have to call it a night. Peace out, folks!!

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batgrl said...

Honestly, you rock! Not only are you buzzing through all these races, but you're keeping track of the info in your always admirable orderly way. (Seriously, I always wish some of that would rub off, it's a gift to be able to track information that way. I bet your boys will inherit this or pick up the habit and someday realize how cool it is!)

And you go on about this stuff as much as you want. I always read through it, and like to know what you're up to. So there!