Thursday, June 05, 2008


Just got home to an empty house, with just the cats here to welcome me. Hub is in Mexico City shooting commercials for work, and the boys are at Grandma's for the night. I'll pick them up tomorrow. Kind of sad to have nobody but BabyCat and Her Majesty here, but at least I get to watch Top Chef and fall asleep on the couch without guilt.

The "phooey" is because of the email I just got from NYCRR -- no go on this year's NYC marathon. I did not get picked for the marathon. Again. Dang. I was hoping that I'd be able to do it this year, since there is still the chance that I'll be working up there come the fall. So I guess that means I have to figure out what to do for the rest of the summer if I'm not doing marathon training. I won't do a fall race locally, but I'll have to decide what I want this year to look like when I get done with AvonWalk.

Gotta go -- it's late and if I'm going to be up tomorrow to meet with the trainer at 10:00, I should get to the couch, errr, to bed, right away. Peace out!


Just12Finish said...

Yeah Phooey. Good luck to both of us next year.

I've been staring at a list of Texas marathons this fall and winter, but nothing's jumping off the page yet.

Marissa said...

sorry you didn't get picked! you're the second friend i've had that didn't get picked. i know this isn't a consolation for now, but isn't there a rule that if you don't get picked three years in a row you get entered automatically the following year?