Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm supposed to be

getting ready for my garage sale tomorrow right now (all proceeds to benefit the AvonWalk Foundation, btw), but I have a couple of more hours of work to do here before I can go out to the garage. I'm most excited about being able to park my car in the garage once we clear out all the schtuff that's been in there. Anything that doesn't sell by 2:00 PM gets loaded into the truck and taken over to the local shelter.

I have to work today since my flight from Newark last night was cancelled. No particular reason, as far as I know, just that Ameri-can't Airlines decided it wasn't going to make that run (that, or wind, I can't say for sure). In any case, I luckily got notified early enough that I could make an alternate flight out of LaGuardia, but I had to boogie from the office a couple of hours early. So here I am, on a GORGEOUS Friday morning, working inside of out enjoying it. Bah!

I did do about 4.5 miles around the park yesterday morning with my buddy. We got drizzled on toward the end, but it was that nice refreshing drizzle with a bit of a breeze, not a torrential downpour that makes it icky to run (that came later, while we were on our to the office!!). It was the first time that I'd run since Sunday, although I did make it out for a 4-mile walk Wednesday evening. I just found that recovering from the half and the ride afterward was tougher than I expected. But, anyhoo, I was glad that we did it.

Gotta run -- I'm on the clock now!!

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