Sunday, May 18, 2008

the Geez-I'm-sorry-I-didn't-mean-to-go-this-long-without-posting Post

And because time is at a premium, we're limiting to one liners on everything, just so I can make sure I get it in:

  • Mother's Day was awesome and included 90 minute bike ride, brunch, nap and dinner out!
  • Walking now 5X week instead of running -- easier on the knees, harder on the back
  • Long walk of 8 miles takes WAY longer than long run of same distance
  • Fundraising for AvonWalk is coming along at 33% of goal
  • Garage sale will happen next weekend -- I'm tired of parking my car in the driveway
  • Kinda hoping I don't lose ALL running endurance in case I get into NYC Marathon
  • Hoping I don't get into NYC Marathon so I can train for Tris the rest of the summer
  • If I train for Tris the rest of the summer instead of NYC, I get a new BICYCLE!!
  • Can do 30 girlie-style pushups now
  • went to Scarborough Faire with TDP DinoBoy yesterday -- way too much fun (photos later)
  • Stars WIN, Stars WIN!! Elder Child gets to go to Game 6 tomorrow night on his BIRTHDAY!!
  • yeah, I'll have a 13-year-old this time tomorrow
  • Re-committed to BodyBugg program -- intake tracking as well as calorie expenditure tracking
  • Still flying American't Airlines to NYC weekly, but hoping for a change in assignment soon
  • Still lots of traffic on the house, but no offers yet -- official freaking out starts in three weeks
  • New house has roof, shingles, windows and sheathing -- see above on freaking out
  • Baby Cat got fixed this weekend, so she has bare tummy and it feels fuzzy to pet her there
Wow. that's a lot. And if I didn't have tons of stuff to do (like the omnipresent Sunday laundry pile and snuggling with the boy on the couch), I could probably post a novel on each bullet. But suffice to say, I have tons of stuff to do. So, happy Sunday and see you in a bit!!

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Ellie Hamilton said...

Good grief, no wonder you haven't had time to write blog posts! Keep it together, girl (it sounds like you're doing that admirably!)