Tuesday, May 06, 2008

where are they?

so for months now, I've passed about a bajillion vendors on the streets of NYC selling knock-offs of designer handbags and such. Of course, after seeing a coworker get a really cute wallet from one of these guys, I decide that the knock-off wallet would make a pretty good Mother's Day gift for not only my mom, but my mother-in-law, my hubby's grandma, and even my sister (whose birthday is coming up next week). So I figure that I'll do some bargaining and try to strike a deal with them since I'm buying four, right? Except that we didn't see a single vendor from west 57th all the way down to Radio City Music Hall, and then even back up to Broadway. WTF? Dang it!!

Of course, we did find a Chipotle closer to the apartment than the one we usually go to, so SCORE on that. ahem.

I haven't run since Sunday, mostly since I was still sore as all get-out last night and even this morning I was still feeling the effects of a half-marathon followed by a bike ride. And tonight, I had about three week's worth of expenses to catch up on. But, I should be back out to the park tomorrow, if all goes to plan. Gotta boogie -- 5:00 AM comes way too soon most days!!


Bev said...

Sorry about the handbags. That reminds me that I need to pick something up as well.

Read your previous post. Awesome on the push-ups. Keep working on it. Also who knew that walking used such different muscles. I logged 24 miles in 2 days this weekend and I'm hurting. Especially the tendon on the outside of my ankle.

Just12Finish said...

Did you try Chinatown?