Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

so, what's been going on with you? We've had a busy last couple of days, and it's actually really nice to be home for more than 2.75 days at a time. I went for an hour and a half bike ride with the boy yesterday morning, then followed that up with a run/walk of about three miles. Except that it was in the middle of the day, and it was a leetle hotter than I expected. 'cause I forgot that I'm home now, and in Texas, we have summer in May. None of that 45 degrees crap they have up in NYC. Sheesh. anyhoo, we had a good ride and a good run (OK, walk. More walk than run, but still, I ran some of it).

Then we saw Indy. Loud, fairly clever, and lots of fun. And monkeys -- there were monkeys! It was cool. Would we pay to see it again in the theater? meh. But I'm glad we went, and I'm sure it will play well on heavy rotation on the DVD once it's released.

This morning, I ran for 2.5 miles straight, which is the longest I've run without a walk break in about six months. I've been training with walk breaks, and I did all the halves this spring with walk breaks, and I got to thinking that I couldn't really run longer than 10 minutes without a walk break. I even make my running buddy in the city walk a few minutes every mile/mile and a half (and, bless his heart, he does it with me, even though he runs a 1:45 half-marathon). So, this morning, when it wasn't as hot yet as it would get, I ran for 2.5 miles, then walked another half mile to the park. Then I did the parcourse around the perimeter of the park, sprinting between the parcourse exercises. So that technically counts as another mile of running. I am pleased to report that I was able to perform better on the parcourse than I did the last time I ran it, so I must be doing something right.

Tomorrow, we will go on another ride, then I will probably hit the gym in the afternoon for about a six-miler. It's too blasted hot to walk outside, plus if I'm in the gym I can watch trashy VH1 shows without feeling guilty. Monday, my walking buddy and I will try to do 8 or 9. She's only done a long walk of 6 miles, so we can't go too far this week, but I will see if I can do another mile or two after that to hit at least 10 for the day. Then just hanging out for Memorial Day before I hit the friendly skies again on Tuesday. Hopefully, the vacation day wont' throw things off too badly and make the week hellishly painful at the office.

Anyhoo, gotta run. The boys are home from hockey and it's time to serve up the pasta dinner. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Peace out!!

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From Here to There said...

Just catching up. You've been busy! Great news about Elder Child. Way to go buddy! Keep up the great work!

Walking is tough, I don't know how people do it for long distances. Sore back is right. Great cause, it's worth it.