Friday, July 20, 2007

Is it just me?

Warning -- absolutely no running or Tri content -- this post is strictly for me and anyone who knows of or has ever met the Bat)

or is anyone else struck at the physical resemblance between the onscreen Luna Lovegood and our own Batgrl (I'd link to something other than her flickr page, but the House o'Groove site has long been offline)?? Of course, since she doesn't allow photos of herself to be posted on the interweb, I can't post one for comparison. But for those of us who have seen her in the flesh, imagine her with blonde hair. Yes? I meant to post this last week when I first saw the movie, but things have been crazy-go-nuts around here, so now is the first I'm thinking of it again.

Now, even if the physical presence doesn't strike you as immediately similar, you have to consider the persona of Luna from the movie. Just something about her that made me feel warm and fuzzy. That is all. Back to regularly scheduled programming.

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