Monday, July 09, 2007

home again, then off again!

so I get home late Saturday afternoon, early evening, actually. Mom was settled at home, and we had what ended up being a nice relaxing visit. Except for that whole hospital thing. Yeah.... Anyhoo, I met my in-laws at a swimming party for a classmate of TDP DinoBoy so they could head home before dark. Afterward, I then scurried home and onto the couch until Hub and the Elder Child arrived home from hockey. Late. As in past midnight late. So I didn't get up and run 10 miles yesterday. Nor did I find the energy to run 10 miles before they left for pond hockey at 11:00, either. I did find it in me to get to the gym for 25 minutes on the disappearing stairs and then 20 more minutes on the TreadClimber late in the afternoon. Not the same as a 10-mile run, I know that. But it was the best that I could do, so that's all we got, babe.

I didn't run this morning, with all intentions of going to the gym tonight after dinner, with TDP DinoBoy in tow, for my 2 hour date with the TM. But then I get a text message from my boss, who is in a meeting in NYC with this big project we have going on up there. And they want me there tomorrow. Which means I fly out today. As in 6 hours from now today. Sigh. This causes all kinds of consternation with Elder Child's hockey camp, which is 25 miles from here, 25 miles from Hub's work and way too far for MIL to do pick-up in the middle of the afternoon. We think we've got it worked out, though, even though it will mean putting all kinds of miles on Hub's car to get it done. It will be tough on Hub, with all kinds of driving and tough on Elder Child, with having to hang out at Dad's office for a big chunk of the afternoon, when he'd really just want to get home and snooze, but it's going to have to do. Because, yeah, you guessed it, it's all we got. Sigh.

Jetting out this afternoon also means that I am picking up TDP DinoBoy for lunch and taking him to his first art class, the better to take away the sting that I won't be home tonight or tomorrow, or the next day. I didn't have time to prep him for me being away like I prefer to, but there is no time. The only consolation is that I'm going to NYC, so I can send him a photo from my phone of the Vampire State Building, where Kong fell to his death in what has become TDP's favorite black and white movie. It's a small consolation, but it will have to do, 'cause it's all we got, babe.

Gotta run. No workout for today, apparently, since it's a tough fit in between packing, art school dropoff, hockey pickup and the security line at DFW.

Happy training! Do me a favor and run an extra mile for me, m'kay??

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wordgirl said...

Just blew back into town and I've got to get back into the running game.