Wednesday, July 11, 2007

holy hell... or, things that sucketh....

  1. having the Elder Child get hurt at hockey AGAIN. Apparently, one of his coaches (the coaches that drive around the country teaching week-long camps) fell on him at the end of practice today. Bruised the outer part of his right knee; our regular pediatrician, who is a hockey fiend, was not available so Hub took him to another doc in the practice. That doc started talking about possible tear in the MCL, stay off of it until you can get an MRI, blah, blah, blah. [Here goes my "G" rating, so fair warning] FUCK. why does this happen when I leave town? Argh. The Elder Child seems to be handling it well, and in fact was bummed that he can't finish out the camp (we are at least getting our $$$ pro-rated -- not that the money's a big deal, but hey, your guy fell on my kid after all) this week. But it's best that he stay off it rather than risk jeopardizing summer season or worse.
  2. walking two blocks over, five blocks down and three up from the hotel in search of decent food, only to find a Chinese place ACROSS the freaking street. Nice. At least I got to walk around in the post-rain washed streets for a bit and see all the fancy buildings on the upper East Side.
  3. Being in one of the coolest cities in the world and not feeling like I can do much sightseeing or adventuring without cheating the boys and Hub. It feels like I'm betraying them if I do stuff without them, but it also gets really old doing nothing but work all the time. And I'll be bummed if I leave this engagement and don't make a chance to do something cool and NY-ish. Hub said I should do those things that they wouldn't enjoy -- so at least my runs to Central Park are safe from guilt!
Two posts in one day. How lucky for you!!!

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Diane said...

How lucky for me is right!!!!

Glad you had a chance to roam the streets even if that Chinese restaurant was across the street. Chinese food in NYC is the bomb.

Sorry about Sandro!!!! Man, that bites.