Sunday, July 22, 2007

6 miles and a Squishee

OK, so I had 10 on the schedule (actually, the original schedule, before I messed with it to make up for missing 10-milers the last TWO weeks called for 13 or 14, but I don't wanna talk about that...) and I called it a day after 6. I've pretty much decided I won't be doing an early-fall race, but just focus on White Rock. That gives me a couple of more weeks' breathing room before I have to start ramping up the mileage, which I need to adjust to the travel grind again. I couldn't really find one locally that wouldn't take me away from the kids for the whole weekend, and I just can't justify being gone for a race at this point. It's not like I'm breaking new territory or anything. So, mid-December it is. Which means I could bail after 6, which with the humidity and the late start (6:00 am before I headed out the door), was about all I could handle anyway. I felt like physically I could have done more, but mentally, I wanted to be home and cleaned up before all the boys woke up. I think mentally taking the time away from home for weekend runs is going to be the toughest part of this season. I am going to have to make it OK to be out for a couple of hours (or 3 or 4 closer to the race..) and I'm the toughest one to satisfy with that.

So there's that. 6 miles. Times were random, between 10:08 and 10:38, with walk breaks at every mile -- that was set up on the Garmin when I'd planned 10, remember. Then I came home and all three of the coughy-sneezies were up shortly after I showered. TDP DinoBoy is the best off of the lot; his symptoms were minor at the peak, and now he's just got the vestiges of a cough. Elder Child, even after a course of antibiotics, is still generating more slime out of his nose than the Kracken, and had to opt out of hockey yesterday and today. And of course, to round out the trifecta, Hub came home from a day-long class yesterday complaining of a scratchy throat, stuffy head and general malaise. Nothing like a house full of sick boys to twist the maternal guilt knife a little more when I climb into the 737, right? Oy.

Well, at the very minimum, I provided a little bit of relief this afternoon, in the form of Squishees in souvenir Spider-Pig cups. Well worth the 1.79 apiece to assuage the maternal guilt machine if you ask me!

Peace out. I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to update this week, but I'll do what I can.

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Vickie said...

Just Spider Pig? Don't they have Harry Ploppers yet? Couldn't help but laugh about those! Your running is going so well, despite your traveling and the guilt feelings of being gone. Hopefully by the time you need to ramp up your mileage, things will calm down, and the weather will be cooler. Another thing you might do to help with your running schedule is set up a calendar for all to see with your planned runs. That way, they will know ahead of time what you are supposed to do on a particular day, and you won't be as likely to change things around, knowing they KNOW what you are supposed to do. I really think it takes the pressure off when they can see what's up, and may take away some of the guilt when you see they are accepting of what you are doing.