Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A few notes

real quick, before I head out to forage for food here:
  • I ran in Central Park this morning. I'm calling it 6 miles, although zee Garmin could never hook up with a satellite. It was 66 minutes of fun, I tell ya! So sad that I couldn't linger longer, though.
  • The rain!! OMG, it followed me from Dallas! Torrential downpour this afternoon -- we got lucky though and caught a cab outside the office almost immediately after stepping out into it. At least the streets of NYC will be washed of the odd spills and spots on the sidewalks....
  • Work! Yeah, the 10-11 hour days again. Sigh. But it goes quickly, when you can't see outside your window at the passing of the day.
  • the iPod, she is dead. Won't recharge off my laptop, so I've been tuneless all week. No big whoop since there's plenty to keep me occupied on the run, but I miss having the Nike Plus data, especially when zee Garmin is uncooperative.
  • Need new shoes. I meant to get them last week, actually the week before that, but haven't made it yet. Not feeling any repercussions yet, but I think that's more luck than anything. Must do this weekend.
  • I'm trying to arrange schedule so Elder Child and I can go out to Joe Pool and catch the tri going on out there Sunday -- it will depend on the pond hockey schedule and if Hub can hang with TDP DinoBoy in the morning. Might be tough seeing as how I leave back out for NYC in the early afternoon. Phooey.

That is all.

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From Here to There said...

I hear apple is really good about replacing iPods, even if over the warrantee period. I hope you can resurrect it! I LOVE mine. Though in a sense I wish it would die so I could get a bigger one!