Wednesday, December 10, 2008

waiting in Toledo

yep, I'm in the airport in Toledo, waiting for a plane. We should have started boarding 10 minutes ago. Granted, it's the smallest plane ever, one of those where you get a window and an aisle in the same seat, but still. I have a pretty tight connection in Chicago, and really want to be on time, or it will screw up my whole week. Like my week wasn't already screwed by being in Toledo... (no offense -- it actually seems like a very nice, friendly, little hometown-ey place.. it just threw off my week to be here).

in running news, we did a nice 11-mile run on Saturday with the group, and yet again, I was able to beat the hill. I was slow going up it, but I made it all the way up without walking. Love when that happens. This week we're going off the trail and onto a street route that uses some of the marathon route, so that should be fun. I'm more used to banging away on the pavement anyway. It's tough to fit in the weekday runs on schedule; I'd been doing a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday weekday run, but that kind of bit me in the butt last week -- my legs were just dead after about nine miles from doing 4 Friday morning. I need to follow the schedule and be sure to have Friday as a rest day before the long run.

they're calling me now to board, so gotta go! peace out!

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