Sunday, December 28, 2008

back in the groove

so after being a total slug for most of the week (at least since Christmas it seems) I tried to run on Friday afternoon. I should have gone out in the morning, but it somehow was more important to sleep in. So I tried about 2:00 pm, so I could get in six and be back by the time Hub had to leave for the ice rink with Elder Child. But it was not to be -- for one thing, it was about 80 degrees outside, and humid beyond belief. I got about halfway to the park and just couldn't catch my breath, nor could I get any groove going with my legs. After about 9 minutes I just turned around and walked home. I think I went a total of about 1.25 miles that day, and was exhausted for the effort. I think my body was just trying to tell me to take a break already. So I did.

There was no scheduled run on Saturday with the group because of the holidays, and we'd already talked about meeting up on Sunday to do a shorter long run. But the hockey tournament had the boy's team playing at 8:00 am. TDP DinoBoy spent the night at Grandma's helping her undecorate, and was supposed to be home by 9:00, so that meant that I had to be out and back by then. So I instead did 8.5 miles around the neighborhood, with a brief stop at my mother-in-law's to make sure they were up, dump off my jacket and get some water. It was nice and brisk out when I left the house, right about 30 degrees, so it was a much more tolerable weather condition than we'd had. It's hot here again (ok, mid-50's not really hot, but warmer), so I'm glad I went out when I did. Total time was 90 minutes, for a distance of 8.5 miles, so I ended up at just about a 10:25 pace, or some such. A little fast, but I had to be home after all.

Now I'm just hanging out on the couch, surfing and watching the boy play Wii. He's not too good with the boxing, so I think I'm going to have to show him how it's done!! Later!

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