Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So, many many moons ago (back in October 2007!, according to the history, although I apparently didn't blog about it until November) my Garmin Forerunner 201 has come back to life. I've been using a combination of my Suunto HR monitor (meh, not really impressed with most of the functions, but I paid $40, so what do you expect) and my Timex IronMan with the iPod link. But neither of them had the auto lap feature or the GPS functioning that I really crave as an OCD runner. And I spent a lot of time mapping my runs on GMaps Pedometer or Map My Runs so I'd have an idea of how far I went, and how fast. I made do, but I missed my Garmin something bad. The day the display wouldn't even come on was a sad day for me indeed.

anyhood, I was filtering through the junk drawer, looking for the charger for my phone (and having to go through chargers for phones long since gone from the house, pluse random plugs from who knows what -- admit it, you have that drawer, too) and came across both the Garmin and the charger. Although Cost-Too-Much has had the 305 model (with the HR built in, sigh) for $149 lately, I just can't justify that cost right now, not when we're trying to save money to move (for real, hopefully) by this summer. So I was contemplating calling Garmin customer service and seeing if I could get it serviced or something instead of just chunking it. But I thought I'd have to recharge it so that I could tell them that, yes, it's fully charged, and no, it still doesn't work. Now what? Instead, imagine my delight this morning when I look at it and the display says "Fully Charged." Wahoo! I took it outside and let it find the satellites, which took a while, as it does when you go from one location to another, or when you have to reset it. After a few minutes, it found the GPS and was sitting there ready for a run! Yippee-ki-ay! I am so pumped! I love it and can't wait to run with it tonight. So thrilled that 2008 is ending on a high, no matter how insignificant! Love it!

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