Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

yep, so I'm home for a while, and gearing up for the holidays. Have a few more hours of work to do today, then I am officially OFF for the next five days -- wahoo!! There's lots of wrapping and baking to do tomorrow, and just a couple of last-minute gifts, but otherwise, we're pretty well set. We're most excited around here about our family trip next week to the mountains for some skiing (not I, said the cat), sledding, skating and general winter fun.

Until then, I've been keeping up the running (although I do need to get out in the wet today, that or hit the TM in the other room) and training with the FW group. We're up to a long run of 13ish (there was some controversy over the distance of the last run...) and are on track for Cowtown in just over 2 months. For now, I leave you this:

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