Thursday, August 02, 2007

Notes to self..

from the Newark airport....

1) the grilled hot dog from the vendor outside the office? YUM! surpassed only by the one I had at Yankee Stadium last summer. Good stuff, I tell ya!
2) the knish? I'm still not *quite* sure what that is exactly, but it is nearly as ummy as the hot dog. And you can't beat a $3 lunch.
3) the trip to Newark from mid-town Manhattan? via taxi, then train, then airport tram? Sucketh mightily. I'm only hopeful that my choice of airport is vindicated by arriving sooner than I would if I'd left from LaGuardia.
4) Get another pair of cropped tights or shorts with back pocket for phone and hotel key. Rinsing out the pair I love in the sink isn't working out -- they're not drying in time for the next day's run. And NOT rinsing them out? Not an option, especially if I'm going to be picking up running buddies from the team. Can you say stink? I have a couple of more shorts that I like, but without the big pocket, they're pretty useless. I don't run with my phone at home (yeah, i know, I probably should, but I like to travel as lightly as possible when I'm in the Suburbia South) but even I'm not naive to think I can get away without it in NYC.

OK, and now the audience participation part. here is the newest big dilemma: New bicycle for momma, per the Danskin reward plan, or four tickets to the Lion King on Broadway? Roughly the same cost. Sigh. In favor of the bike -- I promised it to myself, and I earned it on that lake, dammit. In favor of the show -- what better way to have an amazing experience in NYC for the boys than to see that on their first trip? And, I haven't been on the old bike in a month+. Decisions, decisions. Wouldn't it be cool if the Broadway show fairy left me a prize under my pillow? (It would be more comfy to have tix under the pillow than a Giant!!)

Boarding now! Gotta run!! or fly, as the case may be!!

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Vickie said...

Yes, I have done the Newark experience MANY time. Hate the train. Hate the taxis. But it is one of the only direct flights to GR from out east. And the price is always right. As for the bike/tix? Big decision, I know. What about getting the tickets now and asking for the bike for Christmas or a birthday? The tickets will give enjoyment to the boys and you enjoying the boys enjoying themselves. I know how that it is and it is always the wise choice.