Friday, August 17, 2007

Caving in to the Pressure

Geez, y'all are a tough crowd! I will do what I can to get an electronic copy of the bridal scene from 1994 (remember, it was 1994!!!) and upload it today. Right now I'm headed out to register the Elder Child in 7th grade (eep!) and then hit the gym for 4-6 miles.

I also need to recover from last night's unplanned stop in Little Rock, Arkansas. I'm telling you, travelling between DFW and LaGuardia is killing me. And yet, even with the delays and surprise fuel stops, I remain less stressed now than I was when I worked in Dallas. How sad is that?

Anyhoo, I'll do what I can about the wedding pix -- I've got a great album, but none are scanned and I don't have a scanner here. I promise you, though, you will NOT be disappointed -- the sleeves alone are enough to make you laugh!!

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