Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crazy Stupid!

So, the Texas Rangers scored their 9-game allotment of runs in one game last night! These are the guys sitting at the bottom of the AL West, firmly ensconced in last place since mid-May. I think most casual fans of the game, even in North Texas, can maybe name two or three of the spares that make up the Rangers lineup. But, wow, what a show. Elder Child called me hysterical with laughter and disbelief -- I naturally thought he'd gotten into Grampa's stash until I saw it with my own eyes on ESPN. Like I said, crazy stupid!!

Almost as crazy stupid? Me, the thirty-seven year-old, pulling an all-nighter on a project for work. I saved the hotel maid about three minutes by not even getting into the bed. Thankfully a colleague had talked me into joining her for dinner at a little place around the corner instead of picking up take-out and eating it in my room. That was the only break I got all night. Let's check in with me later this afternoon and see how I'm holding up. Oh, yeah, I have to train a bunch of client end-users today, too! Fun times!

Peace out -- must submit a few expense reports and get the corporate Amex paid off before they come after me and/or I get kicked out of the hotel!

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Jane said...

No, we are essentially all procrastinators and I'm usually planning reading for my next therapy group that morning. My poor patients...
However, these days I have absolutely no energy to do an all nighter. I could them standing on my head in high school and college