Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'll count it as a long run

since it's the longest run I've had in a couple of months. 9 miles and change, the change part coming as walking breaks in the first 6 miles. I headed out the door at 6:00ish, after having to find the fuel belt, fill the water bottle, put a load of clothes in the washer, and set the sprinklers going. NOTE: Let it be recorded that today, on August 5, was the first day of this summer that we've had to set out the sprinklers . It's been that wet here this summer. And everyone's yards looks amazingly green -- you just don't see that here at this time of the year.
Anyhoo, the Garmin was still set for 10 miles with 1 minute walk breaks, since that's been what's on tap for the last month and a half. So I went with it, but I could tell by the humidity in the air that it might not be a very fun run. I started out too fast for a 10-miler, I know that, but I was able to sustain about a 10:00/mile for the whole time I was outside. But that was only for 6 miles.

What I did was set out for a regular 5-mile loop, knowing i was going to have come back and change out the location of the sprinkler. I did the first half of the run in about 55 minutes, which included the 1-minute walk breaks. Then I stopped and refilled the bottle and headed out for the second 5 mile loop. And about half a mile from the house, I realized it was just too flipping hot. So I turned back home. I got in, switched the clothes to the dryer and put in a fresh load, then jumped on the treadmill. I really didn't want to, but the kids were all asleep, so there was no reason not to. So I droned on and did another three miles. Painfully boring three miles. I could have gone on for another mile to finish out the 10, but I just didn't have it me mentally. Plus, I hadn't done anything longer than 7 since July 1, so I figured I ought not push it. So next week I'll do 11, and then I'll be on track with my plan to increase for White Rock. I won't be a doing an early race this year, so I'm still OK. But I was really pushing hard to get to the 9, mentally, so I just need to push through and get to the double-digits next time.

Now we're off to hockey, then who knows what else for the rest of the afternoon until my flight later. Peace out!!

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Janet said...

Haven't been here in awhile. Good to see you're still up and running, in real life and on the blog! :)