Saturday, December 09, 2006


I'm out the door to register for the marathon. I *love* paying full price for a race (NOT!) not because I wavered on whether to run it or not, but because I just let the online deadline pass me by. Eh, no worries. It's all for a good cause. And I get two shirts out of it right? An entry shirt and a finisher's shirt. Plus a pretty shiny thing. Yee-haw.

Also, we just moved the shelves in the corner of the living room to another spot (where they'll likely live full-time even after the holidays!) so there's a big bare hole in the corner. Where the tree will be! Maybe tonight. Possibly tonight. If not tonight, then tomorrow night. Or Monday for sure. Yeah.

What else? Not much. So I should head to the expo. I need to get a new sticker for my car. And maybe some new running tights. It's supposed to be cold tomorrow. Fun.

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