Monday, December 11, 2006

oh, yeah, that!

Almost forgot (actually, I did, or it would have been part of the last post!):

I signed up as an Athena (rawr!!), and came in 7th out of 15 Athena women. Only 12 finished, so I technically was out of the top 50 percent of Athena finishers, but if you consider I was 7 out of 15 registrants, then I finished top 50 percent. Wahoo!

I find it hard to believe that only 15 women in the entire field of marathoners were Athenas. I guess most of them either didn't know about the weight class, or chose not to register as such. Hell, just like I claim my grey hair and upwardly mobile age, I also claim my Athena status, as long as I qualify.

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Hey sweetie, its Faith. just wanted to let you know I'm starting up blogging again after about a year and a half break. I'm at -- please come visit!!!! (Oh, Misplaced Faith from your blogroll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)