Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Texas Independence Relay, Day 2

Didn't really take a lot of pics overnight because I find the flash incredibly annoying, plus by then, we were really tired. After our evening legs, in which Shannon tripped and scraped her knees, I got chased by Chupacabra (not really, but it sure felt like it - spooky out there at night!!!) and we all were on the edge of punchy, we got  little bit of a break by heading to the hotel in Sealy for a shower and 2 hour nap. Then, it was time to drive back up to the course and meet up with the van so they could have their break. By daybreak, it was time to pick up the camera again and start Day 2 in earnest!

Elaine rocking the blue Snuggie AND the tutu at Starbucks. 
Met up with our teammates at this transition point for their next legs.

Shannon coming off her third leg. 

We were not the only ones with wigs!

Van 1 at Memorial Park. Libby was ready for the Captain's Leg.

Waiting for our runner, sporting the pink!

Fun to have whole team together for a bit again.

Partial team pic in Memorial Park. Libby had taken off by now.

Downtown Houston

Keeping tally: roadkills, animals, dog chases and TUTUS!

Shannon ready for her last !

Libby bringing it in on her last lap!

Elaine wore her tutu the ENTIRE time! and her tiara was firmly stuck in her hair, too!

Almost done, Shannon, keep it up!

Had to sport my Texas pride for my last leg. 

Our last transition - we are ALMOST there!!

We have arrived!!!

The Other Tutu team! Cute, but we had boas!! 

Our final approach to the monument.

Come and Take It! Mad-Dames Ran It Out!!


hokgardner said...

Looks like so much fun. I may have to rally a team for next year.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Once again, nice job! Tutus and boas, you showed them!