Monday, March 07, 2011

Texas Independence Relay, Day 1

The Mad-Dames at the start of the 2011 Texas Independence Relay.
Wow. What an experience! I had never done a relay race like this before, and I enjoyed every minute. I am exhausted beyond belief, not so much from the running (total of 20 miles) but more from the lack of sleep and driving home four hours last night after it was said and done.  But I would do this again in a heartbeat. Some highlights and pics (I took more than 500 total over the weekend - may have gotten carried away! but there was lots to see!!) for you today.  I'll have a more detailed recap later, but for now, a few pics & tidbits to tide you over!

Van #1...wait,Van #2... we never did figure it out.
My van full of relay runners. Great gals & wonderful friends.
The all-important pre-race dinner at Chili's.
Tutu production started in the van & continued in the hotel room Friday night.
Yes, I wore a pink tutu. and a pink boa. and witness the return of the pink knee socks!

These flags on the route marked the relay exchange points.

Very cool race shirt. Will probably debut it at Grasslands.
Shoe pic! Otherwise known as burning time while waiting for our runner to come in.

Partial team pic - Kylee had taken off for her chilly morning run.

So fun to run into other Dallas runners! Hi, Erin!

It's our turn to run!! Elizabeth is so excited!!
That's what I like about Texas! 
The wind wreaked havoc with Elizabeth's tutu!
Elaine waiting for the hand-off. Still very windy!

Fixin' to Run It Out Mad-Dames' style!
Waiting for me at the relay exchange. The blue team was egging on their runner to pass me. He didn't. =)
The map showed where we were on the route midday Saturday.
Team Captain Libby looking strong after 6 miles. This lady has a 13-week old baby!! 
Shannon always looked fabulous, even after a hot leg through Schulenberg.

Great to see my friend Cassie manning the exchange in Weimar.
So fun to see friends on the course!

Yeah, you know what this caption should say... 
Met up with our other van at Weimar after their lunch break.
We attracted some attention with the tutus wherever we went!
Got to meet Twitter runner @HannahKatTaylor at start of our first night leg.
Gotta love being connected through Twitter!

Wow. That's a lot of pictures! And that was just Day One!!  More later - gotta catch up on some sleep now!!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Bounced over here from the Run for the Bling of it blog...Great pictures, love the tutus. I'm the same age as you, and so impressed with what you guys accomplished. The all night relay thing seems really exhausting...

Elaine Hillis said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!! You are the best!!! I never saw the snuggie one yet until now. I love it!

Thank you for capturing the spirit of our TIR experience!

Mel said...

love the photos! Looks like you and your team had a GREAT time!