Friday, March 25, 2011

Five Things Friday

  1. Things are a little discombobulated around here lately. Neither my body nor my mind has recovered from Grasslands Marathon last weekend. It was a very fun day, but ultimately was more physically draining than I expected it to be. Not sure why. I felt strong all day, and I walked as much as I did only by conscious decision. I have tried to run a couple of times this week and made it no further than the end of my block each time. Last night I didn't even bother getting dressed to try. It is a frustrating feeling, to want to run, to feel like I should, but not really have the self-drive to actually get it done. But there is a lot of stuff going on here at Casa de Skatemom, a lot of stuff that isn't easy to deal with, and I need to focus on my family for a while, so I am not going to stress over one more thing like missing a run or two during what should be a "recovery" week. Or three even. Just keep the Oreos away from me, please. 
  2. I have a long run with some of my girls scheduled on Saturday. We return to the Lake for a 20-miler. Wheee. I love that I can pound out a 20-miler at any time without giving too much thought to preparing for it except that I need to know where we'll be meeting. And how hot it will be. Because it's always hot at the Lake
  3. I leave town on Sunday morning for a few days in Denver for a work conference. I love Denver. I worked there, in Boulder, and in Springs for nearly a year back in my traveling days. I love running down the Cherry Creek path off downtown. I plan to do as much of that as I can next week - shouldn't be difficult since I have an "extra" hour in the mornings and I am staying right off the path. Can't wait!! One last chance to wear my long-sleeved tops since it is way too late to wear them here in Texas.
  4. Hells Yeah Hills is next weekend. I will come home from Denver, dump out the suitcase, re-pack the duffel bag and then hit the road to Smithville for my second 50K. WOOT!  I will be running side-by-side with my buddy Julie this time, helping her through her first ultra-marathon. I am also looking for a little redemption from Banderawesome and gunning for a new 50K PR. Plus, there better be bluebonnets, dammit. I signed up because there is an incredible photo of bluebonnets on the website. If I don't see bluebonnets, I'm gonna be pissed. Just sayin'... 
  5. I am Marathon Maniac #3621. About damn time. Go here, if you're so inclined, and see my profile. Pretty groovy, huh? I am really excited to have finally reached this goal, but I also think that it may have exacerbated the post-marathon blues I am going through right now. I went through this after NYC, where I was in a "Now what?" kind of mood and didn't really know what comes next. I'm hoping a little run through the woods next week will help resolve that. And leveling up in Maniacs after I finish my next three races will definitely help, too!! 

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La Marmota said...

Welcome new Maniac!

Good luck in your second ultra! Wish I could join... :-(