Thursday, September 17, 2009

need shoes

I think I need new shoes. I got the pair that I'm wearing about four months ago, a few weeks before the Bolder Boulder, so they have about 300 miles on them.** I think they might have a few miles left in them if a) I was 30 pounds lighter or b) the shoes weren't flats without a lot of padding in them to start with. But as it is, I felt a twinge in my left foot while on the treadmill tonight, and I really can't figure out why else that might be happening. It's like that old Nike ad in reverse - it's gotta be the shoes, right? Right? 'cause I can't handle an injury on top of everything else.

I've really enjoyed these shoes, even though they're flats and I expected to have a hard time adjusting to them. I can tell you that my knee hasn't been clicking and grinding like it used to when I wear these shoes, and I haven't had the pain under the kneecap like I did for, oh, the last three years. Of course, July and August were pretty low-mileage months with all the trauma and drama going on around here, so that might have contributed to the pain-free knee, too. Except that June was a 100-mile month, with the June challenge and all, and even when I hit a 29-mile week, which I don't do unless I'm in major marathon training mode, I didn't have any pain anywhere, especially not in my foot.

The thing is, I tried to order the shoes a couple of weeks ago. Went right back out to and looked them up, ready to just hit "Buy" and then wait for the magic UPS guy a few days later. But the Sauconys that I am wearing, that have been really good for my knee, that are a nice non-girly aqua blue, are out of stock in my size. Because they run small, so "my size" is an Amazonian size 11 (Hey, perhaps I should try And I told them to send me an email when they get them back in stock in my size, but haven't heard from them yet. But we may have to get drastic here, if there is pain involved. I need to cut that sh!t off at the pass and make it stop. There are a couple of other health issues going on right now, that thankfully are being addressed (girl issues, if you must know, and we'll leave it at that), but that may have me out of commission for a couple of days in the next few weeks. Shouldn't be too major, though, not like a foot injury might be, or could be, if I don't cut that sh!t off and quick.

So, I need to shop around some more and see if I can find another outlet with the Saucony Kilkennys, and I might have to resort to the fugly red and black models, or heaven forfend the pink ones. Bleagh. We've already tried the pink shoes this year, and I'd rather not do that again, actually. oooh, look, they're in YELLOW!!! But only in size 9, dangit. Nothing for bigfoot betty here. Sigh.

anyway, I guess I best log off and start shoe shopping. Need to get this under control, and the sooner the better. And, I get to go home tomorrow, too, so I'm needing to get to bed so tomorrow will come sooner!!

**NOTE: I actually verified the anal-retentive running log and they have 323.2 miles on them.

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