Wednesday, September 16, 2009

back in the groove

ran at the hotel today, nothing spectacular. Just a few miles of hills. it was crazy-humid, even in the AC - by the time I was halfway done, I felt like I'd been hanging out in the sauna instead of on the treadmill. Plan is to do another four-five tomorrow after my training session, and then maybe get a couple in on the morning Friday before the last full day of sessions. Then Saturday is SWAT, of course, unless the weather is uncooperative again.

Sunday will be a long run, as I have decided that the first "comeback" race will be the White Rock Half Marathon in December. I've done the full three times there, but never the half, and the route was re-done last year to include the Katy Trail, so it should be a nice event. I know I can handle the distance, and there is enough time before then (about eleven-twelve weeks) to ramp up the mileage from my current long run of 5-6 miles safely and even maybe focus on some speedwork. And I should be able to still resume the Shaun T Insanity workouts once I get back to the regular routine after this week's travel, too, so hopefully I'll see some benefits to that along the way, too.

The hope is that by getting ready for a half in December I'll be in good shape to transition the training to a late spring full. I still really want to do Oklahoma City, so I'm going to keep that one in my sights. I can't really commit to it just yet, though, until I get a few more months of this work-from-home thing and know exactly what my "free" time will look like. I love the idea of doing the Love the Half challenge again, but I need to stretch beyond that comfort zone, so I think I'm going to aim for the full instead.

anyhoo, I've got a few more small projects to wrap up tonight here at the hotel before tucking in for the night, so I need to boogie, but I did want to update with both the ORN and the new goal. Carry on!!

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