Wednesday, September 02, 2009

At least I didn't cry

er, um, at least I didn't cry as much during the first workout as I did when we did the fit test... There were some points in last night's Cardio Plyometrics that I spent face down, flat on the floor, working up the energy to do one more set of 4 pushups, 4 counts of running in plank position, then hopping up to a full stand. My lungs were burning, my heart pounding, and every muscle in my thighs (hammies, quads and all those little ones along the inside of the thighs) were trembling. It was awesome!

Currently waiting for the husband to return from morning car line so we can do the next video. Can't do it tonight since there is hockey, so we have to do it before the day gets started (before the soreness from last night sets in) or it won't happen.

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Juls said...

Looking forward to it.