Saturday, June 28, 2008

18 miles

we started at 5:15 am (shoulda been 5:00, but one of us, ahem, OK, it was ME!! woke up late so we headed out a little later than we planned) and walked for 18 miles. We took short breaks when we circle back to my friend's house at five miles, then again at 12 miles, and we finished roundabout 10:35, when the sun was already high and it was a nice 87ish or so. Felt hotter, though, since we'd not had much luck finding shade. but it was done, and now we only have to do 10 miles next Saturday, then week after next, the big weekend. I'm *nearly* done with fundraising, at 88% of goal, but I should hit it in the next week. We've determined what we're wearing each day, and my friend ordered the mini-mums on which we're going to write our donors' and honorees' names. So, we're pretty well set.

On the house front, Hub and I have procured our refrigerator and washer/dryer for the new house, along with the sofa set for the den and a new kitchen table. We've figured out what else we need before we move in, and have determined the kind of flooring we'll put in on the ground level. We need to measure the windows for the plantation shutters, and then get the blackout shades for the windows in the media room. Then all we need is to sell this stupid house so we can move in. Sigh.

One more week on the road, then I should get a break from traveling for a while. Of course, that might change any day, but for now I'm enjoying NOT having any flight plans after Thursday night.

Gotta run -- it's not particularly late, but I'm beat after waking up at 4:30 (OK, fine, 4;55!!) and then spending the day shopping for furniture and a bridal-shower gift for my brother-in-law and his fiancee. Check y'all later!!

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Bev said...

18 miles walking is amazing! Great job preparing. Good luck on selling the house.