Friday, June 13, 2008

Two-word entry

I'm going to try to cover the last few days with a short bulleted list, using only two words per bullet. Wish me luck:

  • More showings
  • No offer
  • Drywall's up
  • Floor shopping
  • So's brick
  • Late flight :(
  • Window seat :)
  • Park run
  • Went swimming
  • Wii arrived!!
  • Awesome trainer
  • Foam roller
  • Much pain!
  • Sonic rules!!
  • AvonWalk approaches
  • Hockey tryouts
  • Tennis lessons
  • More walking
  • Gotta blast!!


Ellie Hamilton said...

Wow, cool way to post! I'll have to try it! Except then I'll look like a copycat...

I tagged you, go to my blog and see.

Bev said...

Nice! House is coming along. Think stained concrete and hardwood!