Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crazy hot

and I'm not in Texas!! In NYC, the heat is crazy. It's almost like, oh I don't know, like I'm HOME!

I'm loving it!!

Tried to replicate the workout my new trainer (who is awesome and deserves a whole post of his own!) this morning. Don't know how successful I was at it, though. I don't seem to hurt as much as I did later on Friday PM. Also walked 3 miles after dinner to the hotel up on the upper East Side. If it's below 80 degrees tomorrow, I'll hit the reservoir tomorrow morning.

Counting down the days before my assignment here is over.

Currently loving Top Chef - I just discovered this awesome show, although I now feel very inferior in the kitchen. And Hub and the Elder Child are asking for things like tomahawk steaks! As if!!

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