Thursday, April 10, 2008

Texas, Texas, Yee-Haw!

with no particular help from a particular airline, I am home. Finally. Possibly the most uncomfortable flight I've been on, in terms of the environment. I know, it's unseemly to bitch about the kid behind me kicking my seat the whole way (to be fair, she didn't kick the WHOLE way -- she interrupted the kicking with some whining) when so many people are still stuck, but Oh. My. God! Her little sister had a squeak toy, I sh!t you not. A SQUEAK toy -- like what you'd give a flippin' DOG. On the PLANE! The two guys in my row and I were all wanting to be the one to ask that to stop. And I'm sorry, but as much as my teenaged, much-beleagured MD-80s have been in the news lately, I have to say, the window seats in them are much more comfortable than whatever I was in on the Continental flight tonight. I just couldn't find a good position. And, to top it all off, I left poor little Owen Meany in the apartment, so I had nothing to read ("I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LEFT ME BEHIND! DON'T YOU KNOW I WANTED TO GO ON AN AIRPLANE?").

But, hey, I'm home now. And just about de-wired enough for real sleep, in my own bed.

Oh, another thing -- when I pulled up to the house today, there is a "For Sale" sign on the front yard. Holy crap -- this is for real!!


ben said...

Welcome home! Hope you are still asleep ;)

Just12Finish said...

Unfortunately, you can't outlaw stupid on an airplane.

Bev said...

Thank goodness you made it home. You know you could have just taken a Greyhound. That surely would have been just as good!