Sunday, April 06, 2008

#5 done

not too fast, but not as slow as Austin. A few hills, nothing major, but definitely hillier than I expected. Total time on my watch was 2:21:33. I averaged closer to 11:00 miles instead of 10:00 early on, which contributed to the slow time overall. But, considering I've not run at all since last weekend, I'll take it.

Splits below, for posterity. I didn't make a chance to write down my splits from last weekend, so those are lost for the ages, sadly. So here are this week's:

Mile 1 - 9:43.26 -- too fast, nice downhill stretch
Mile 2 - 10:13.40 -- starting to warm up
Mile 3 - 10:52.57 -- UGH, getting hot -- had to strip the outer shirt here
Mile 4 - 10:23.88
Mile 5 - 10:53.50
Mile 6 - 10:49.65
Mile 7 - 11:18.78 -- hills
Mile 8 - 11:28.33 -- more hills
Mile 9 - 10:57.24
Mile 10 - 10:45.85
Mile 11 - 10:50.37
Mile 12 - 10:58.29
Mile 13 - 11:01.59 --are we DONE yet?
Mile .1 - 1:15.96

Overall, it was a nice race, well-organized, with well-spaced water stops and a spattering of crowd support. Weather was muggier than you would have expected, especially since it was in the 50s early in. I didn't have a chance to get back to the car after late registration, and I didn't see a bag drop, so I wore my cotton t-shirt over my tank. It got a little hot once I got moving, with three layers on, so I was almost regretting that choice, but when we got around the lake and then headed back toward the finish, we were in pretty strong winds most of the time. So I was glad that I had the extra layer on me at the end. Nice medal, which makes the 4th of the spring (no medal last weekend, but a nice finisher's tee), and a nice blue shirt that I'll wear pretty often, I think.

Gotta run. The big boys are headed to the Stars game this PM, and TDP DinoBoy is still with his godmother, so I have the whole afternoon ahead of me. What to do? What to do? Right now, the couch is calling me for a short rendezvous before I head out and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Peace out!!


Just12Finish said...

Congrats on another race under your belt!

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