Friday, February 15, 2008

To the Dude in 10C

on last night's Delta flight:

1) please don't take your stinky PF Flyers off in such a small plane again. Ever. M'kay? Thanks.
2) the armrest? Diving line between the seats. That side = yours. This side = mine. Keep your damn pointy elbows on your side of the armrest and out of my kidneys next time. M'kay? Thanks.

3) what the hell were you eating? All I know is that halfway through the flight I was roused from an already tenuous slumber by the nastiest stale-Doritos-mixed-with-rancid-beer stench coming from your side of the armrest. Ugh. But by the time I looked over you'd wadded up the loud plastic wrapper into a little ball and I never did figure out WTF it was. I was just glad that it was gone by then.

So, yeah, that was MY Valentine's Day. How was yours?

OWN -- 35-minute aerobics on-demand workout in the apartment Tuesday morning. NOT A DAMN THING ELSE ALL WEEK! I think I got carried away with this "taper" thing. Sigh. With any luck I'll get a 3-4 miler in today and then a couple of miles tomorrow AM before we head out for Austin (and the hook-up with Ellie!! which I have to arrange more details on now! Gotta run!!)


Ellie Hamilton said...

LOL!!! I love your post!

And I'm REALLY looking forward to meeting up with you tomorrow!

Just12Finish said...

Argh! 10 mins before the end of my 4 hour flight yesterday, the guy next to me asks the flight attendant if he can move his bags up to the front. The attendant say "no, you have to go sit back there with your bags".

Dude didn't even own the seat next to me. I coulda had the 2-seater row to myself on an otherwise packed flight. WTF.

Hey, good luck in Austin!

From Here to There said...