Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Hint...

at what's to come ... Got it figured out yet?

I did NOT run last night. I meant to sit with the kitties and watch a couple of minutes of Little Man Tate when Hub went to hockey, before getting up and hitting the TM for a little. But, before I knew it, it was 11:00 PM and the boys had just gotten home. Sigh. No matter. I'm not worried about the mileage totals this year. Repeat: I am not worried about the mileage totals this year. I am only concerned with getting enough base training and the long runs in so that I can have fun at OKC in April and not get hurt. So, no matter. Anyhoo, I did a good 4 miles this morning at the gym, after sleeping until the ridiculously late hour of 8:00 AM. Never underestimate how good it feels to sleep in your own bed.

We are going to an 80s party later tonight, a party at which dressing accordingly is highly encouraged -- should be all kinds of scary fun. I have to find my Joshua Tree concert tee, pull my hair up into a side ponytail and do my bangs up mall-tasticallly. Hee-hee! Too bad I haven't seen my Kaepas and Zena jeans in years!!

Stay tuned for another hint tomorrow!!

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Just12Finish said...

Kaepas :-) Me 2.