Saturday, February 09, 2008

Perfect Day

for a run, it was. Clear and crisp, but not cold. A bit of a breeze, but not really any wind. Sunshiny, but enough shade when we needed it. Good enough for a 2:17:38 finish time this morning at the Texas Half, it was. That's a couple of minutes slower than I'd expected based on my previous runs, but the course was also hella hillier than I remember. But it's all good -- I was remarkably consistent with the lap times, and my cranky knee didn't hurt at all. I did use a couple of walk breaks to stretch the calf and the front of my leg on the right side, just to ward off tightness there, but otherwise, I was good to go and felt strong all the way through. I have to be happy with it, considering I haven't run anything close to 13 miles in probably six months. And it's a good two minutes + faster than my last half-mary last February, so I'll take it.

After the race, I rushed home to shower and change so we could go out to the rink for the Elder Child's game, then we drove around and hung out for a while before dinner out. When we got home later we tucked into the den for a screening of Bridge to Terabithia (eh -- liked the book better -- the movie just made us all sad). Tomorrow holds a ton of nothing, which is awesome.

Just for posterity, here are my splits, taken from the Timex. These are inclusive of the one-minute walk breaks every ten minutes, so I'm pretty pleased with them -- used to be I was killing myself to get these splits while running nonstop. I am also fairly pleased with the consistency of the lap splits, especially when you take all the hills into consideration:

Mile 1 - 10:32:50
Mile 2 - 9:57:55
Mile 3 - 10:20:40
Mile 4 - 10:24:09
Mile 5 - 10:26:34
Mile 6 - 10:38:22
Mile 7 - 10:30:86
Mile 8 - 10:36:49
Mile 9 - 10:39:35
Mile 10-10:20:37
Mile 11- 10:53:31
Mile 12- 10:36:83
Mile 13-11:17:03 (took two walk breaks here -- second one to be sure to get fluids in at the water stop)
.1- 2:57 (um, not really, I just forgot to turn off the stopwatch until after they took my chip and gave me my hardware. Dang it)

Anyway, I placed 18th out of 37 women in my age group, so I finally broke the 50th percentile. Barely, but still. Go me. And did I mention the hardware? I'll have to post a photo of it -- it's in the shape of Texas, so you gotta love it, no? OK, *you* don't, but I surely am fond of it.

So that's it. I'll probably try to do a couple of miles tomorrow afternoon to work out any kinks, then do just a few short runs during the week to get ready for Austin, baby!!


Ellie Hamilton said...

Great run, Skatemom, and awesomely consistent splits!!

I tried to answer your email but something happened and I lost it -- my response AND your email. Sent you an email telling you that but in case you don't get that, I'm letting you know here, too.

So you know I'm trying to get in touch with you!

Just12Finish said...

Congrats! It has been a touch crisp in the mornings around here. Good luck next week in Austin!

Bev said...

Beautiful! So who was chasing you on that 2nd mile?