Thursday, January 30, 2014

Note to Self

It's okay to ask for help.

You don't have to do it all by yourself.

Worst-case scenario, they say no, or they can't do anything right then and there. Best-case scenario, you get some new ideas, a fresh perspective, a solution to the problem, or at the very least, a hug and a smile when you need it.

Rinse, repeat. And repeat it again, until you believe it.

Quit making things so damn hard on yourself. Things are complicated enough some days without your super-hero mindset making it harder.

ORN:  3 miles walking at lunch with a friend from work. 6.5 miles running after work around Overton Park. I ran down Ranch View Road... I'm going to have to try to run UP that street one day... Will make Gorilla Hill look like a speed bump by comparison!

1 comment:

Diane said...

I remind myself of this daily. And, girl, superwoman is the ENEMY!!!!