Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - The OMG it's almost Cowtown Edition

  1. I have the bestest friends in the whole world. I will have more details on what I mean by that in my pre-race blog entry. Suffice it to say that I am a lucky, lucky girl to be surrounded by so many people filled with awesome. 
  2. Shoes for race day are set. Sent the too-small pair back but inherited a gently-used pair of Kinvaras from one of my awesome running buddies. They just didn't work for him, but so far, they are working great for me. They have just the right amount of padding in the forefront but the heel drop is not so much different from the Kilkennys, so I am hopeful that I will feel the difference come Mile 22.
  3. I am working on a deal at the office that will, as my co-worker said today, provide many opportunities for extended hours bonding. Right about the time that I am preparing for Cowtown. Wheee! At least I know what to do to fill the hours where I'm usually running. 
  4. We're 11 days out from Marathon #11.  Kinda think that's cool. 
  5. As of tomorrow, race day will be on the 10-day forecast. Not that it matters. Can't control it, can only stress about it. For this race, I've had perfect conditions, gale-force winds, chilly, all kinds of things. February in Texas is unpredictable. Just show up in layers & be ready to strip as needed.
  6. I've run the last two days without the knee brace. It's been playing nicely, so I am optimistic about that. Still haven't made the time to see my PT. I need to get this done. Soon. Still, I do plan to wrap both knees to high heaven, just as pre-emptive strike against either kneecap deciding to go renegade.
  7. I moved my office to a back room in my house to get away from the cold, cold north-facing window. Seriously, there were icicles INSIDE the window during #Snowmaggedon & #Snowmaggedon 2.0. And then weather promptly warmed up to a  balmy 80. Which means I've been sweating in my office for the last 4 days. I find that hee-lar-ee-us!! I have to, because ain't no way Hub is moving my giant wall unit back to the front room any time this century!
  8.  There are tons of germy nastiness making its way around FW-D - I know of at least 3 families with strep, and a couple of runners have been brought down by the flu lately. I have never been so glad to work from home as I am right now. And I may or may not run all three of the men in my house through a decontamination chamber when they walk in the door. NO SICKIES!!
  9. I've run 204 miles so far this year. That sounds groovy & all, but it's actually 9 miles behind pace for my goal of 1600 this year. I blame #Snowmaggedon. Good news is that if I can hit my weekend runs tomorrow, Saturday & Sunday, I will be all caught up & ahead of pace again. Whew!!
  10. Have I talked about Texas Independence Relays yet? No? I'm doing it. The week after Cowtown. I am beyond stoked!!  More about that in future posts. Gotta get through what's right in front of me first.
  11. Are we at 13 yet?  Ummm... 
  12. Next race after TIR is Grasslands. Put on by the awesome group of people at North Texas Trail Runners. I am really excited about this one. I registered for real and for true last night. Money is paid, gotta show up now. 
  13. Spinach & mushroom quesadillas are about my favorite food right now. I could have them every night and never get tired of them. It's what's for dinner tonight. So, I'll see y'all later, skaters!! 


Michelle K said...

I'm so excited to be your TIR teammate and new Twitter friend! I can't wait to meet you--for real--in a few weeks at TIR. Still working through my distress over last year's Grasslands half...might have to conquer that again this year!! Squee!!!

Lesley @ said...

This is the one. Break the 5 hr spell. :-) Good luck. I'll be gone, but can't wait to read about it.