Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Five - Snowmaggedon It Edition

  1. Guess which is higher - the number of minutes - not miles, MINUTES - I have run this week or the number of inches of snow on the ground?  Well, we have four inches of snow on the ground, covering about two inches of ice.  And I have run all of 3 minutes, all of that on the treadmill on Tuesday night. Before I just couldn't take it. I had the iPod cranked up (Red Hot Chili Peppers, yo! Anthony Keidis & all his hawtness still didn't get me going!) and the TV on, watching "Saved by the Baby."  And I just couldn't stand being on there any longer. It hit .25 miles and I jumped off & gave it up.  Yeah. Totally sucks. 
  2. I just cannot get over the mental block on my home treadmill. I had actually made plans to get rid of it last week, after we had laminate floors put in and decided to re-arrange some of the rooms in the house. I haven't used the treadmill in months. Hubby used to use it but we would both rather go to the gym now.  I don't need it for those late-night or early-morning runs now that the kids are older & can stay on their own. So it's really just taking up space. I appreciated it & used it a lot back in 2004-2006 but now I would rather not. And this week has reinforced that I really just can't handle it, so I have found it a good home. But after we ventured out for dinner last night & found the streets still a little too dicey to make it to the gym, I might have to suck it up & deal tonight. or tomorrow. or Sunday. Because it's still freakin' snowing!! 
  3. When your 15 year old nearly cries after they announce the fourth snow day in a row, that's when you know it has been a long week.  He tried to play hockey in the street or on the parking lot at the school down the block, but found that other non-skating kids had gone through and smashed the ice, making it impossible to skate on. The puck was bouncing everywhere and pretty much it wasn't fun to try to play outside. Very disappointing. And apparently, there are only so many times you can beat your little brother at PS3 games before even those lose their appeal. They have re-built legos, read books (!) and napped. And they are OVER IT. And that's because we were spared the rolling blackouts that the rest of FW-D has had to endure, so there have been no interruptions in cable, internet or gaming. They also have been surprisingly civil to each other after the first day. So it hasn't been as bad as it could have been. 
  4. I work from home. Which normally rocks my world. Because I don't have to drive and such. Or leave my house, except for the daily car-line expedition to retrieve the younger man-child from school. But this week, while everyone else is enjoying snow days and unplanned staycations, cleaning out closets or watching Netflix ad infinitum, what am I doing? Yeah, that's right. Working. From home. F me. Instead of being stuck at home and able to do all those other things, I am working. Like usual. Wheee!  I couldn't even use the rolling blackouts as an excuse because we were spared! The injustice!! 
  5. My 20-mile training race/run got pushed back to next week. I was counting on that mileage to pull my weekly run totals out of the toilet. For now, I have a date with my pacer for 16 tomorrow and then another 12 on Sunday out at the lake with my girls. Both are looking questionable right now because of the roads and the sidewalk conditions. But if something doesn't happen so that I can run outside soon, it's going to get ugly. Ugly. Mother Nature did not consult me and Operation Sub-Five when she pulled this crap on North Texas.*
Scene out my front door this morning. 4 inches of snow on top of ice.
At least it looks pretty now.

We're not sure what made those tracks in the snow. Chupa?

Next year's Christmas card. Because this crap better not happen again before then.

Hub playing some pond hockey.
In shoes, because ice was too crappy for skates.

This is happiest he has been all week. Hockey stick in hand. 
*Small consolation - Mother Nature apparently did not consult Jerry Jones and his Superbowl plans, either! Ha HA!!! 


Tara said...

This weather is definitely redic! I'm itching to get out for a run too, but am scared of busting it on the ice... and my gym has been closed all week. I'm really just hoping for some of the ice to melt so I can get my 20 miler in this weekend. There's nothing like putting a whole WEEK in between runs!

Pamela Hutchins said...

I love that Jerry is getting burned by the weather. God is sending you a message Jerry are you LISTENING??? Nice post. We had a snow day today in Houston -- but no snow. Go figure. How embarrassing. Hope you are able to get out and run soon!

Blanda Amania said...

Aw, sounds like a whole lot of cabin fever. Hope you're able to get out and run, and the kids can play outside again.

Lesley @ said...

Get me out!!!! I have a home treadmill, and yes, I use it, but I lose motivation quickly... I can run way longer at the gym where people are watching... and definitely further outside. Ugh. Melt snow, melt! You know its supposed to snow tomorrow am too.

Amy said...

Ha, I feel a little better now that I haven't run in over a week. And yes, I have a treadmill, but it's in a room we converted from half of our garage & it's not heated/cooled. Yes, I have a space heater but still. Luke's had to cancel our group run on Saturday, boo hoo. Gotta get back on track today.