Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - The Marathon Memory Edition

So, with marathon #11 looming, I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and give you my top memory from each of my previous marathons, along with a couple of bonus memoriessince I've only done 10 full marathons so far.

  1. First marathon was White Rock, 2004. My favorite memory, besides seeing my boys at Mile 18 and the finish, was finding my dear friends at the start, the halfway point, at mile 20, all surprising  me and cheering me on. They had conspired to do this and failed to tell me they would be there. It was awesome. 
  2. Second marathon was Marine Corps 2005. Turning the corner at Hain's Point after a  particularly lonely and windy section, I found this enormous hand from The Awakening jutting out of the ground. So unexpected and way cool. Almost as cool as the crowds on the ramp to the bridge. Almost.
  3. Third marathon was White Rock 2005. By the time, I knew what the hell I was doing.  Kind of. I am kind of sad to admit that this one is kind of a blur. Nothing stands out from it particularly strikingly, except that I remember seeing downtown from the east side of the lake and thinking I still had a freakin' long way to run.
  4. Fourth was Miracle Match in Waco, 2006. I nearly DNFed this one. It was hot, I was miserable, and if anyone had been manning the "water station" at mile 18, I would have turned in my chip and said "No mas." But, the water stop was a folding table with a cooler and paper cups on it, all alone in the middle of the road, so I was screwed. By the time I got to the next stop, it was at mile 20 and who the hell quits a marathon at mile 20?  Not this girl. 
  5. White Rock 2006 was next up. PR. In the pouring rain. My team at work was in the middle of upgrade testing and I remember hoping that I would be slow enough that they would be done by the time I got finished and I wouldn't have to work afterward. I showed up at the office straight from the finish line looking like a drowned rat. Fun times. 
  6. I changed jobs about a month after that race, and traveled for work for 2.5 years, so the next full wasn't until Cowtown 2009. This was the Year of the Wind. Best memory was getting smacked by a flying refrigerator box down on the Trinity. Yeah, it's funny NOW. I was miserable at the time!!
  7. Was another year before I tried again at Cowtown 2010. We've heard about the crying on the course. About the blisters from the new shoes. My favorite memory though is having a paramedic lean over me at about mile 22 asking if I was OK while I laid in the grass off the curb.  His shadow blocked the sun in my face and I asked him to stay there for just a second while I rested. He obliged, then I decided I best get moving. He was very friendly and very cute!! 
  8. Had to try again at OKC 2010. Jumping the barrier. Yeah, that was cool.... NOT.  My favorite memory from that one though, is afterward, walking through the Memorial and seeing people had left bibs and medals on the chairs. All the chairs. Such a moving scene. I am very much looking forward to returning with my girls this year.  
  9. On 10/10/10, I ran the Tyler Rose marathon in virtual solidarity with my girls running Chicago. Besides the tweets and texts from my crew that kept me going and motivated, the best part of this race was the shower truck afterward. I had a 2.5 hour drive in front of me and had to get straight to hockey, so I really enjoyed jumping right in and cleaning up straightaway after the finish. Despite my knee issues there, I felt the best I ever have after that race. I credit the shower truck.
  10. New York City. All of it was beyond awesome. But finding my cheer squad at Mile 23 was definitely a huge lift. That my friend Irene has video of me there is bonus. That was a fun weekend, beginning to end. Even though I was sick as a dog after the race. It was still greatness.
  11. Banderawesome. Oh, to pick out one memory is tough. Very tough. The epiphany at the top of the hill has to be it, though. That was the game-changer for sure. 
  12. My favorite half memories are from those races where I paced new runners to their first finishes. That is so rewarding to help someone reach their goals. It reminds me of why I love to run. 
  13. The next marathon memory is yet to be written.  Tune in next week to find out what it is....
What's YOUR favorite marathon or race memory?  leave a comment - I love to hear other runners' stories!! 

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Michelle K said...

We have been at alot of the same races, except I always did the half. I wish that I had known you were in Tyler--Erik and I did the half and would have cheered for you! Cowtown 2009 was a doozie, wasn't it? I have my own miserable story from that one. And White Rock...I'm sure that you have seen the Dolly Pardon men? My sweet hubs is one of them. Good times!
I haven't done any full marathons, but have done 20 halfs. This blog has me thinking--maybe I need to make my own list!