Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Five

Crap.  I missed Thursday Thirteen again. I guess it's a good thing because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to come up with 13 things to talk about. It's kind of been a blah week - lots of work going on and trying to get back into the groove of training for this ultra-marathon dealie I've signed up for (eeeek! and YAY!) while still being on "restricted" exercise somewhat and recovering from being all cut open.  So, let's just do the Friday Five and call it good, OK?

  1. Bandera 50K is less than a month away. I am not allowed to run on trails until the end of next week. Then there is a hockey trip to Minnesota between Christmas & New Year's which may either reduce me to hotel treadmills if I am lucky or frigid temps & icy conditions for training runs that week. I am so screwed. 
  2. Wilderness Running Company sent me an awesome tech shirt in the mail yesterday, just for leaving a comment on their FB page. 'Cause they're cool like that. I have now made my Christmas list from their site. Please, Santa, I've been good. Mostly... 
  3. I have not met a lot of my 2010 goals. That's disappointing. I totally planned to do the pushups challenge after NYCM but that didn't happen. So I'm still very squishy. That is more disappointing than not meeting my other goals. 
  4. I was thrilled to realize that since I did complete the Santa Scurry 5K last Friday night, I have raced at least once in every month in 2010, except for June. No races in June. Not sure why I let that one slip by. Phoo. But still. I had a very fun year racing-wise. 
  5. I need to update my header pics again. There are a ton of more pics I want to add of even more awesome runners that I have met & Ran It Out with this year. At this rate, the header pic would take up half my blog. And that would be totally fine. 
Happy Friday!! 

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Mark said...

All I want for Christmas is to be on your header pic! :)