Friday, April 02, 2010

Some good news

for a change. Sorry to be so down in the dumps on that last post.  I hate feeling like my weight is the end-all and be-all of my existence, because it's really not, but it's so easy to get discouraged about it, and I know it's not the right thing to get hung up on.  I just get so frustrated when I hear of all these success stories about people losing weight so easily just by walking a few times a week, or by cutting out soda, and, wow, who knew it could be so easy?  Well, it's not. Not for me.  And I have some strategies in mind to help with it, but I can't really put them into play right now, so I just have to be patient a little longer.  After all, I've been at essentially the same weight for three years (at least according to Sparkpeople, who showed me the EXACT same weight from the last time I logged in in 2007).  Yeah. But anyway, I do have good news...

I've formed a running team!  Yeah! So I told you about my friend Jason, who I paced to his first 5K in January.  Well between the two of us and another runner friend, we managed to cajole, pressure, encourage, entice, and otherwise force some of our other friends into running or walking another 5K (and some of us ran the 10K event) with us last weekend.  The Red Light Runners made their debut at the Run to Joe's, with 11 total members (we had one more who was sick and DNS). Even my husband ran! He swore off running several years ago after I made him do a 5k with me and the older boy, but when you get *his* friends involved, all of a sudden, he was interested again!  No matter, I'll take it!

Since the "founders" of the team are all hockey parents, we named the team the Red Light Runners, after the red light that goes off when someone scores a goal. We have another team signed up for the Zoo Run Run in Fort Worth in a couple of weeks.  Jason is planning on doing the Memorial Day 10K as his first entry at that distance in May, so we may try to get some folks signed up for that with us as well.  There's noise, not instigated by me, surprisingly, about some of the folks joining up to do either the half or the relay at White Rock this fall.  Pretty much what happened is that everyone got out there and ended up having a good time and enjoyed the competition, so they are stoked for more!  I love it! Not only do I get to do something I love, but for so many of my friends to come out and join me and my other friends, that's really something special for me.  It is odd to have friends from different areas of my life converging into one big group, though!  Not bad, just odd!

So that's what I have to say about running for today.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate running than by starting a few more new runners out on their journeys, and I love that my enthusiasm for it played a part in sparking their interest.

Oh, and one other thing - I have another marathon in eight days!  EEEP!!

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