Monday, April 26, 2010

Decisions, decisions

So, after The Marathon that Wasn't, I ended up having to search for another race that I could do within two weeks of OKC to get into Marathon Maniacs this spring. Yes, I could probably wait and do it in the fall with three races in 90 days, but that's SO LONG AWAY!  If you don't know me personally (although more and more of you do!  SQUEEE!), you wouldn't know that once I decide on something, I like to have it happen right away. And I pretty much stop at nothing to Make it Happen. This character flaw trait has been noted by others in my life (my husband, my boss, etc.). So, while I *could* wait until fall and do NYC in November, White Rock in December and another full TBD in January, why do that? Why wait when you can go after what you want RIGHT AWAY?!***

In any case, the plan had been to do OKC, then evaluate and see how I felt before making the decision to drive to Beaumont and do the inaugural running of The Gusher Marathon on the Lamar University campus. A couple of things intrigue me about this race:
  • It's an inaugural running - you know that holds special appeal to us crazy marathon types
  • It's a two-loop course. I've never done a two-loop marathon course - a half, yes, but not a full
  • The medal - have you seen the medal?  Oh, my, I WANT! You know how I am about Texas and all things Texas!! 
But, then... Then, something STUPID happened to me. Or, rather, I let it happen, no, I made it happen.  My full race report is on DailyMile here, so you can go read it and see how stupid it was (sorry, Blogger, it's just so easy to track there, and it goes to FB and Twitter AUTOMAGICALLY!).  So that puts me in a big decision mode...

What should I do?
1) Lay off entirely until the next scheduled Red Light Runner event (an easy 5K on pavement five minutes from home)...
2) Compromise and do the Heels and Hills Half in Las Colinas this Sunday? Closer to home, can sleep in my own bed the night before, and it's only 13 miles... OR
3) Risk further injury by going ahead and signing up and running Beaumont anyway? On five days rest?

Here's the deal:  Except for the ankle being tight, and my knees being bruised, I don't hurt today. Not in that usual post-race, OMG, please don't make me sit down, or get up, or have to climb stairs. Upper hamstrings are a little tight, but feet are great, everything is all good. Except for the fall and the need to slow down the more my ankle swelled, Oklahoma City was pretty good. I really had 5:30 in my sights until about mile 22. And I don't need to do anything but FINISH Beaumont.  My hotel is free on points, and the entry fee, even race day, is only $90, which is only $35 more than Heels & Hills.

BUT, if I go to Heels & Hills, it's obviously a much kinder distance, so if there is something tweaky still, it won't hurt much. And I'll get to see (and probably run with,) my buddies Mark and Felix - and they'll be wearing skirts (hubba, hubba!)!!

So,you can see my dilemma. Maniac, fun with guys in skirts, or total couch potato?  What do you think?

*** Not sure what's up with the multi-all caps today.  Maybe it's the post-marathon haze my brain is still under. In any case, SORRY!!!


So I decided not to try for Marathon Maniacs this weekend after thinking about it all afternoon, I've decided I will instead volunteer at Heels & Hills, for a few reasons: 
1) the drive to Beaumont is five hours, and it's a Saturday morning race, so I'd have to drive on Friday afternoon, then probably drive home after the race. Nope. Can't do it, not so soon after OKC.
2) I'm driving to Houston for work on Wednesday. That means another six hours in the car midweek. Nope. Can't do that and then get back in on Friday night.
3) I don't know that I want to pay $65 for a half. Heels is a great race, but that's a little pricey, mostly because I didn't register ahead of time because I hadn't planned to run it. But tons of friends are going to either be running it or pacing people so I know it's going to be fun to be out there.
4) By volunteering, I still get to see everyone and be a part of the race, but don't have to worry about paying for it, or possibly tweaking the ankle even more.
5) the OKC volunteers were so great, I really feel motivated to make a difference to another runner out there on Sunday, and if I can be half as encouraging as they were, I definitely would feel good about paying it forward.
So, come on out to Heels & Hills on Sunday morning and catch me out there volunteering, high-fiving and doing whatever else needs to be done to give the runners a great experience. Maniacs can wait a few more months!


Erica Rodriguez Maier said...

This is just the crazy in me, but if your goal is just to FINISH Beaumont, then go for it ... I say this with caution! :-p Don't want you to injure yourself!!

Karen K said...

I would run Beaumont. I bet the ankle will be fine - especially if you take it easy this week!

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iJuls said...

Follow your heart.