Sunday, August 09, 2009

rough patch

hey there! kinda had a sucky week. I won't go into it here again, 'cause it will likely make me re-live it and make me sad and gloomy Gus all over again. I'm trying to work through it, the only way I know how, one day at a time. and every now and again take stock of the blessings in my life instead of on the trials.

I have decided that I need a race to work toward, though. Without one, I'm kind of floating, flittering, not targeted or focused. So that's the goal for this week, to sort through and determine what kind of race I want to do -- do I want to work on speed and try to beat my 10K pr? do I want to brave the water again and try to do a late-season sprint tri? do I want to do another marathon? and if so? when and where? so many questions, so many things to consider.

Meanwhile, I'm running when I can and walking when I can and (as usual) trying to watch what I eat. and I'm just doing what I need to get through one day and to the next one. It's going to get easier sooner or later, it just has to, and I just have to hold tight until it does.

ORN -- 5.78 miles in 1:01:39 -- felt slow and sluggish even though it really wasn't. It was just so hot by the time I left that the sun was beating down on me and making me feel slow.

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Juls said...

Hang in there.