Friday, August 28, 2009

Big Changes

More details to follow as soon as everything is finalized. For now, the executive summary is that I am no longer traveling! I get to work from home 100%, with only a few short, scheduled trips each year. This is AMAZING news, and it was definitely part of the long-term plan, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon.

This is going to have an impact on everything in my life, the least of which is my activity, running schedule, eating, etc. I will, ostensibly, at least, have the ability to join a running group again, and actually participate in the weekday runs (ie. SPEED workouts!). I will, ostensibly, also have the opportunity to get into the pool on a regular basis. I will, ostensibly, have more freedom in my schedule by eliminating the 6-7 hours I spend weekly getting to-from the airport and between the cities where I work and live.

For now, though, I leave you with the current project around these parts, which was (painfully and very humblingly) previewed today, but officially begins on Monday, as a joint venture/challenge between me and the Hubby:

The Next Big Thing

I. Cannot. Wait!!!

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